Wanderlust Camper Co. has been a journey.  Not only in the restoration (which my incredible husband lovingly and painstakingly took on over two years of late nights, long weekends, and approximately 19,087 trips to Home Depot-this is true love people), but also the journey of discovering my ‘thing’.  

Over the past eight years I've spent most of my time at home raising my three boys, and in that time of wonder and craziness that only small children can bring, I have come to realize how very important it is for one to recognize, honor and cultivate the unique beauty of life's seemingly small, in-between moments. Simply stated, Wanderlust Camper Co. was born out of a deep desire to honor and cultivate creativity and to share something beautiful of myself with the world.  I truly believe that every moment in life deserves to be gorgeous and special and should absolutely be celebrated - not just for the sake of the 'instagramable moment' - but because the very thing; the making the thing, the presentation of the thing, the sheer excitement of seeing others enjoy the thing, brings SO much joy.

We are a company that endeavors to capture this kind of joy + we are here to help you create and celebrate your most beautiful big, little and everything in-between kind of moments!